Soylog – Some 23 days later

Well, I’m still standing after the first month of eating Soylent. I think I might be taking this food of the future thing a little too seriously though since my hair is now silver and I’ve purchased a robot to clean my floors.


I’m still really happy eating Soylent and after the first week I bought another box of it. I’ve taken it down a notch from having 90% of my food everyday be Soylent to about 60%. I mostly use it for lunch at work since it frees up the time I used to use on Sundays preparing my meals and now it just takes two minutes in the morning to mix it together.

The hardest part about eating Soylent I find is that it tastes best cold and I begin to really miss hot meals quickly – particularly when my office A/C is turned up too high and can’t even out for a few days.  I have come to really enjoy the taste and don’t mix cinnamon or honey into it anymore since Soylent is rather sweet to start with.

I’ve also found that people who drink Soylent really, really like talking about Soylent, which is good because people who don’t drink Soylent tend to have a lot of questions about it as well. Some people are still “horror struck” that I would voluntarily consume it, but what I noticed after awhile is that its really the same reaction I had when telling people I was vegetarian in High School, or what I’m a “weekend carnivore”. Its just a lack of understanding – I don’t get riled up by it or anything. Now I just don’t talk to people about it as much since its become a normal thing for me. Another thing that I find bizarre is that people are more understanding of people who do juice cleanses than the idea that I’m eating Soylent…

Soylent also announced their new version 2.0 which I will probably put in an order for in the next month or so. Version 2.0 apparently has an “unprecedented level of environmental sustainability with half of its fat energy coming from farm-free, algae sources“, which is great because I’m all the more for more sustainable nutritional resources. Since using Soylent it has made a big impact on the amount of water I would have used to do dishes for cooking a meal everyday, it has reduced the amount of garbage my house generates and if I really wanted to I could probably downgrade to a minifridge since I only keep a few items for dinner in there at a time (though I have no plans to do this).

Soylent – Week One

One week down! I have about 4 packages of Soylent left which should last me another week.

The first few days on Soylent were great. I found that after my Soylent meals I didn’t feel the same “full” that solid food provides – no sluggishness, or heaviness of the stomach – which was actually very nice, but I felt very satisfied. After a few days it become a bit more difficult smelling all the tasty food that my coworkers were bringing in or talking about so by Friday I was obsessed with the idea of eating pizza…which I did and I’m fine with that. I took a bit of a break from it this weekend choosing to only have it for one meal rather than my usual two and at this point in the weekend I am surprised to find that I actually miss it! So I think this coming week will be a lot easier since I’m not so much thinking about what I’m leaving behind but more excited about continuing down the Soylent road a while longer.

Overall, it has been a very positive experience so far. I have my normal amount of energy and I haven’t had any concerning side effects  – other than a very weak headache once in awhile. The strangest thing has just been some people’s reactions. A few people said it sounded like I was “part of a cult” and most people are very confused why I wouldn’t want to eat delicious food. Well, thats just my point isn’t it? I do want to eat delicious food, and I do still do that – just in more moderation. I think it has made me more conscious and appreciative of what I eat when I do eat something other than Soylent so far which is one of the benefits I was looking for.

Simplifying with Soylent

I think about food constantly throughout the day – its my favorite way to procrastinate. When I learned last month that Soylent recently started shipping to Canada and having lazily followed their story for awhile I felt that it would be an interesting experiment to take upon myself. So here to we go – day one of eating Soylent!

I have a few friends who were interested in ordering it as well so I ordered 4 weeks worth to split between myself and three friends. Due to my caloric needs I estimated that one weeks worth of Soylent would actually last closer to 11 days. Unfortunately the US to Canadian exchange rate right now is horrible so the cost per one week is almost double what I would normally spend on groceries (realistically with other snacks I purchase on top of that it is probably more likely a little less than that).

My friends and I have had many chats leading up to the purchasing of this Soylent, some with different motivations. Some said that they just find food an inconvenience and would felt that they could improve their nutrition by having it all pre-made and pre-measured out for them.  I am mostly interested in seeing if food tastes any different after I have eaten little but oaty-beige drink for 11 days. I think it might reveal to me how often I am eating because something looks enticing or how often I eat out of boredom or stress. I also have food allergies so I am hoping that I might feel some relief from those and also to enjoy having the majority of the dishes I wash be my cat’s food bowls.

Day One

I had tasted Soylent before and knew that it tastes mainly like oats so going into this I wanted to prepare with a few different flavors to break up the beige. I purchased some cinnamon, matcha powder, chai latter powder, cashew butter and frozen blueberries in advance to experiment with.

Since I had just come from a long weekend trip to Montreal I had already had a salad I bought for lunch and by the time I got home I was starving but I had to wait two hours for the Soylent to chill.

cinnamon Cinnamon

A dash of cinnamon goes a hell of a long way and its strong, sweet flavor kind of masks the oaty-ness of the Soylent

Cashew Cashew Butter

I bought cashew butter since my local Bulk Barn was out of natural peanut butter. This sample was a little warmer than the rest but the butter made it taste thicker and the nutty flavor mixed with the oaty-ness was pretty gross. I don’t think I’ll be eating this again…
Chai Latte Mix
I guess because it was so sweet I liked the taste the a lot! Adding a bit of powdered chai latte mix was super tasty!
Matcha Powder
I don’t know if I could drink an entire meal of matcha, but as a snack this was a more earth/savory flavor.
I grabbed a bag of frozen blueberries and ran them through the blender with some Soylent. It kind of just tasted like a not very sweet muffin because the oaty taste still really came through and mixed with the berries.

All in all I would say that cinnamon is a clear winner – maybe even with a little dab of honey. After drinking all these I felt pretty satiated but very thirsty.

Not a bad first day!

Current Muse – Big Puff

I adopted a cat a month ago and it has been a wonderful change in my life. I was raised in a family of many cats, and after living so long without them, and longing for so long,  I am so happy to have a new fluffy housemate! As would be expected from any new cat owner, she has become the subject of everything I have produced the past few weeks.

For years I’ve wanted to try my hand at embroidery. Nearly a decade. Really from the time when I read my first Jane Austin novel and thought being taught skills like music, and needlecraft and what-not would be wonderful….but sadly funding cuts in the Canadian public school system pulled these things out. So here you have it! My first self-taught attempt:




Final product!

Overall, I am satisfied with the way it came out. I think next time I will try cross stitching.